Finally this year’s long cold winter is behind us and spring blooms are appearing.  The nursery is coming back to life and will soon be filled with a bounty of colors, smells, textures, sights and sounds of spring.

you're invited!


During Open House everything is on sale! In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we're offering 40% off 1 in-stock item of your choice and all remaining purchases are 10% off**

**The sale does not apply to items that are delivered or planted by Natural Plus**

Come in and enjoy treats and register for Gift Certificates that will be given away at the end of Open House! 


If you have perennials, shrubs or trees in your yard that need to be moved or thinned out, now is a good time to do this. Typically it is best to divide and move most perennials just as they are emerging from the ground.  Trees and shrubs do best if they are moved before they leaf out.   If you need more information on how to move existing plants, feel free to call the nursery.

Redbuds, Crabs, and Other Flowering Trees:

Spring blooming trees can add beauty and fragrant smells to your yard. There are many options for spring bloomers.

 Photo from Bailey Nurseries

Photo from Bailey Nurseries

Redbuds were previously not hardy in North Iowa.  That is no longer the case. The University of Minnesota developed a “Minnesota Strain” of Redbud that now does very well in this area. This small gracefully branched tree has beautiful lavender blooms that appear in early spring before the leaves.


Flowering crabs are always a good choice for spring blooms and are very hardy. Spring Snow Crabs have white blooms that do not produce any fruit. There are many other varieties of crabs that grow anywhere from 8’ to 30’ and have blooms in various shades of white, pink, and reds. Most of these varieties produce only very small apples that birds usually clean off the tree.  We do not carry the older variety of crabs that produce very large apples.


Other spring blooming trees that can add interest to your yard include tree lilacs, serviceberries, hawthorns, fringetree, and fruit bearing trees.


We wish you a Happy Spring!