5 Must-Have Prairie Plants



You may have noticed the colorful blooms along the highways and in many ditches around North Iowa right now. Native prairie plants are really putting on a show, each week adding more beautiful blooms to the mix. it’s easy to add these to your yard, so you can enjoy these showy blooms without leaving home.

Here are 5 Must Have prairie plants to add to your landscape.

  1. Blazing Star, Gayfeather or Liatris

    Blooms mid to late July, easy to care for, a bee and butterfly favorite, and makes an interesting cut flower


2. Yarrow or Achillea

Commonly used in butterfly gardens, drought resistant, colors vary from pinks, reds, to yellow


3. Coneflower or Echinacea

prolific bloomers from midsummer into fall, grow 2-4’ high and available in many colors


4. Bee balm or Monarda

attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies, blooms look like a firework, blooms around the 4th of July each year


5. Black eyed Susan or Rudbeckia

attracts butterflies, bees, and other insects, great as cut flowers, blooms from June to fall


These are just a few of the amazing native prairie plants that we see growing around North Iowa.


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It's strawberry picking time!

Picking (or eating) strawberries at the Furleigh Farm

Picking (or eating) strawberries at the Furleigh Farm


Holtan and I had a blast at the Furleigh Fruit and Vegetable Farm picking our own strawberries.

We took the golf cart over, spent some time in the fields, ate our share of the sweet treats, and took more than enough home to share with friends and family.

And we WILL go back again this season.

If you haven’t checked out the Furleigh Farm for fresh picked strawberries (you pick or buy them already picked), don’t miss out!

I also love the Furleigh Farm for other vegetables throughout the season AND they are the hub for the North Iowa Fresh Bounty Box this year. There is so much opportunity to eat local!

What’s Blooming 6.20.19

Ah, sweet sweet summertime.

We are just a few days away from the OFFICIAL first day of summer, and the plants outside are really starting to show off!

I will keep the words to a minimum this week, and let the PLANTS do the talking!

Enjoy a few pics of WHAT’S BLOOMING around Natural Plus Nursery!

Northern Catalpa Tree

Northern Catalpa Tree

A very fragrant and beautiful mockorange

A very fragrant and beautiful mockorange



Red Prince Wegiela

Red Prince Wegiela

Holtan stopping to smell the roses.

Holtan stopping to smell the roses.

Center Glo Ninebark

Center Glo Ninebark

Beginning blooms on the lambs ear

Beginning blooms on the lambs ear





Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy

What’s blooming around you?

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Take Splendor in Maples

maple (1).jpg

What is better than sitting in the shade under a large maple tree on  a hot summer day drinking lemonade? 

Or taking splendor in the yellows, oranges, and reds of a maple tree in the fall? 

Maple trees have stood the test of time. And now there are new varieties available that will help you choose a maple best suited for your yard.


Here are some of our best selling maples:

Amur Maple: Small maple in single or multi stems, beautiful red fall color, grows 15’

Autumn Blaze – Stunning bright red color in fall – cross between a silver and a red maple, fast growing but not as sturdy as a sugar maple, upright grower 50-60’

Brandywine – beautiful deep red/burgundy color in fall, Seedless, oval shape, 30-45’

Burgundy Belle – beautiful deep red foliage in fall, 45’

Crimson King or Royal Red – deep burgundy color all year, slow growing but worth the wait, grow 35’

Deborah- Foliage has red cast in spring, turns deep green in summer, grows 40-50’

Emerald Luster – a Norway maple, fast growing but sturdy, bright green leaves in summer, resistant to leaf tater, yellow in fall, grows 45’

Matador: beautiful red fall color, grows 40-50’

Red Sunset- Early fall color of bright orange/red, fast growing, 40-50’

Silver Maple- if you had a lot of seeds this spring you may have a silver maple, fast growing but not as sturdy or long lived as sugar maples, good for windbreaks, grow 50-60’

Sugar Maples:  Sugar maples bring us some of the most beautiful colors of fall.  We carry

·      Fall Fiesta – this variety is very resistant to winter sun scald on the bark grow 50-75’

·      Green Mountain -  Beautiful orange/red fall color, grow 40-60’

·      Majesty – Beautiful orange/red color in fall, grow 60’

Sun Valley – a small maple if your space is limited, beautiful red fall color, grows 25’

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