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29 Jul

furleigh farm strawberries.


I really love that I live next door to a small vegetable farm. While I've made efforts to make my garden grand this year, it's super nice to know if ....

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28 Jul

5 ways to show yourself some love.


After writing my post about choices the other day, my friend Donna made a good point. She said, "Sometimes choosing to rest and take care of ourse....

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27 Jul

mc air show.


There was so much going on in North Iowa this past weekend...Sir Mix a Lot concert at the Surf ballroom, th....

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21 Jul

5 ways to make someone else happy


I’ve read a lot of books about how to achieve “happiness” in my life and have come to the conclusion that sometimes instead of focusing on making your....

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20 Jul

the river.


On June 8, we took off and sRead More


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