Spring Bloomers: LILACs


Spring Bloomers_ Lilac.jpg

Most of us can remember the wonderful fragrance of lilacs in the yard when growing up. Newer varieties have new colors, double blooms, and longer bloom times. 

Lilacs need full sun.

Some lilacs that we carry are:

French Lilacs:  Plants are a little smaller than old fashioned lilacs ranging 8-15’ tall.  These bloom in May, often have double blooms, and come in various colors.

·      Beauty of Moscow (double pale pink/white)

·      Chas Jolly (double magenta)

·      Monge ( single red/purple)

·       Pocahontas (single deep purple)

·       Sensation (single deep purple with white edge)

·        Yankee Doodle (Single deep purple)

Dwarf Lilacs : We carry two varieties of dwarf lilacs:

·      Bloomerang – This is a dwarf lilac ( 4-5’) that has small pale very fragrant lavender blooms in early June.  Blooms are similar to Dwarf Korean Lilac blooms. The main bloom time is early June but they will also set a smaller number of blooms later in the season. 

·       Dwarf Korean Lilacs- These also grow 4-5’ and bloom in early June with small lavender very fragrant blooms

Old Fashioned Lilacs:

·      Purple : grow 12-15’ or bigger with lavender blooms in May

·      White: grow 12-15’ or bigger with white blooms in May

Tree Lilacs:

·      Dwarf Korean Tree Lilacs: Basically a Dwarf Korean lilac bush on a stem. Grow 8-10’  with fragrant lavender blooms in June. Perfect if you need a tree for a small space.

·      Japanese Tree Lilacs: These are a dwarf tree, growing 30’ tall. They come in a single trunk or clump variety. Blooms are white and very fragrant. Bloom in June.