written by Dave and Linda Hopper

March has gone out like a lion - but spring is around the corner. Here at the nursery we are watching for those wonderful signs of Spring.  A sure sign of spring for us is that geese, and human snowbirds are back!  We look forward to seeing any new or previous customers soon.

Focus on Plants: Early Spring Bloomers

Each week this year we will do a short focus on seasonal plants and care tips that may be of interest to you. This week our focus is on early spring bloomers.

 The first shrub that you will most likely see blooming very soon is the forsythia. These shrubs typically get about 6 feet tall and have yellow showy blooms early in spring. Blooms appear before the leaves. Keep your eye out for forsythias in your neighborhood.

Other early spring bloomers include tulips, daffodils, Siberian squill, and woodland natives like Virginia bluebells.  (Remember tulips and daffodils are bulbs and need to be planted in the fall for spring blooms.)