The Great Comeback – Elms 

Forty to fifty years ago Dutch Elm Disease tore through and decimated entire stands of fully grown stately elm trees all across America.  At Natural Plus we lost a beautiful row of about 10 elms lining our driveway. 

But the good news is that elms are back! We all love a good comeback story, and this is one.

Over the years horticulturalists were able to identify several varieties of elms that were resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. These varieties have now been propagated and are available at local nurseries.

Elms have a unique upright vase or “fountain” shape. Leaves are oval with notched edges and yellow fall color.

Previously elms were often planted along streets and boulevards.  We now recommend diversifying your landscape so that diseases such as Dutch and now-Emerald Ash Borer- don’t take out your entire stand of trees.

We encourage you to add elms back to your yard and landscaping.

Some varieties of elms available at Natural Pus:

·      Accolade                  Grow 70’ tall, 40-50’ wide

·      Cathedral                Grow 40-50’ tall, 30-40’ wide

·      Princeton                Grow 60-80’ tall, 40-50’ wide

·      Valley Forge           Grow 60-70’ tall, 30-40’ wide.


Add elms back in to your landscape!